Robinson's Fit and Fun Buddy Run

Last July 11, I ran in the 3rd Fit and Fun Buddy Run sponsored by Robinsons. I was really really sleepy and actually woke up an hour after my alarm cluck rung! So I tried to take a shower in the quickest way possible and took a cab to the fort, arriving only 5minutes before gun start! haha

The thing that makes the BUDDY RUN different from the others is that you have to start with your buddy and end with your buddy. My buddy being of course my most beloved fiance, Philippe. So the other thing that made this run difficult, was that my average running time was 30 to 40min for 5km, while Philippe’s average running time would be 45-50min. for the same distance. Hmmm…. let’s calculate shall we? so if I slow down and Philippe speeds up a bit.. we could finish in 40min? I wished! haha

We heard the gun shot and off we went! Oh and by the way, while in the cab to the fort, I read about the special awards to be given after the race. One was entitled “Can’t Take My Hands Off You” haha So I and Philippe held hands the entire run… ESPECIALLY if we spotted a photographer! haha As we finished the first 1km of the race, Philippe started complaining of stomach pains. I on the other hand was determined to finish the race with a good time that I kept pulling him and forcing him to run more! So imagine 2 people pulling each other while running! Philippe was pulling me to the sidewalk to sit for a second, while I was pulling him to run more! I eventually gave up though, as he explained his appendix was about to burst of pain! We finished the race after 48min.

So besides our experience, I’d also like to share how this race was in my opinion, one of the most organized marathons I’ve ever been to! Upon crossing the finish line, there were people holding laptops who would immediately enter your number and time into the computer, after which, another person would get you number stub and record your time. Then, before you’re even able to wander off, the lines (coming from the finish line) are already restricted… and you find yourself already in line for the loot bags! This prevented long lines and “heavy traffic”. It was really well organized.  Afterwards, there were several refreshment booths, food, and of course, the photo booth! Though the lines were long, it moved fast. Plus, there was lots to do and enough space for the lines to go on. Congrats to the organizers! My only suggestion, more photo booths next time!

P.S. Philippe and I didn’t win the special award. Apparantly, holding hands wasn’t enough. They were actually looking for the “naughtiest” couple who really can’t get their hands off each other while running! haha


About Cheryl Golangco
I'm a preschool teacher and I am in love with my job. Teaching is my passion, running is my sport! And most of all, I just like to have fun! :)

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