Teaching animations!

Preschool is oftentimes a lot of fun because of our cute and curious little kids. It’s always a blessing to see their faces whenever they discover something for the first time… and believe me, there’s a lot of this in our class!

I teach the pre-nursery level in a big school in Makati. The kids barely talk and rarely react. During the first few weeks, or even months of school, it would often feel like I was doing a one woman act!

“What color is the sun?”

wait a while…. blank stares….

“it’s… YELLOW… and look it’s smiling! woooww!”

more blank stares

I wouldn’t consider this a burden though, more like a challenge to be surpassed! Every week we create our lesson plans.. and every week we need to come up with the simplest yet most fascinating activities that will grab the children’s attention. And everyday, we need to come up with ways to keep that attention focused on the lesson. If they’re able to sit for more than 10minutes… consider that an accomplishment!

To all those new teachers out there, don’t feel scared or intimidated if children at this age don’t seem to be interested or don’t seem to respond whenever you’re teaching. It’s just that they get restless and bored easily. They may not seem to respond, but oftentimes, they’re listening. Take this all as a challenge instead… to be the most animated teacher you can be!


About Cheryl Golangco
I'm a preschool teacher and I am in love with my job. Teaching is my passion, running is my sport! And most of all, I just like to have fun! :)

2 Responses to Teaching animations!

  1. Ana says:

    love it Che.. more more.. hehe.. yes, i agree, be the most animated teacher you can be.. :p

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