Crayon resist magic

Young children are easily fascinated.. that’s why magic always works with them regardless of how simple it may be! It becomes even more fun for them when they are able to perform that “magic” on their own. Even after they’ve done it, they still couldn’t believe it! It often gives them a feeling of great joy and accomplishment that they were able to do such a mind-boggling task!

Last week we prepared a crayon resist activity for the children. It takes some time to prepare it, but it’s really fun to make! The children’s eyes were filled with amazement after accomplishing the task. One child even came up to me and said, “Wow! Ang galing ko oh! Marunong ako magmagic!” (Wow, I’m so good! I can do magic)

Here are the steps on how to do it:

STEP 1: Get a blank piece of paper

STEP 2: Using a white crayon, draw something for the children. (Here, I drew a sun)

STEP 3: Using any color of paint, paint on the paper

(Before giving this to the kids, it’s always fun to show them that the paper is blank and tell them that they can do magic!)

STEP 4: Watch the children be amazed!

You can also try using different crayon colors. It adds effects to the painting and makes it even more beautiful. (Though of course, you can’t do the magic trick anymore)

Here are more samples of crayon resists arts:

Hope you had fun! Do feel free to comment especially if you have more suggestions to make this activity even better for the kids! 🙂


About Cheryl Golangco
I'm a preschool teacher and I am in love with my job. Teaching is my passion, running is my sport! And most of all, I just like to have fun! :)

5 Responses to Crayon resist magic

  1. ruth says:

    cute art activity for nursery..It’s very simple and easy to just 3 steps it’s done!!!
    more magic to come??!

  2. happyhappyjoyjoy says:

    This is very appropriate to young kids, especially when you are just orienting them about painting activities in the classroom. Aside from the fun the kids get from this activity, they get to learn that there should be a target in painting. In this case, it’s the paper. So they won’t just paint anywhere, such as walls, floors etc. 🙂

  3. Patch says:

    I remember I used crayon resist on my first artwork exhibited in a gallery. I was 6 =) I made the planets with crayon and then space with paint =) Your blog brought back a wonderful childhood memory.

    • wow! glad to hear that! This was so much fun to do! 🙂 the kids felt as if they were really doing magic! Some didn’t even want to paint at first because they didn’t want to get dirty.. but seeing the magic their classmates made got them interested! hehe

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