About Me

I’m an Early Childhood Education graduate from De La Salle University. I never thought I’d be a preschool teacher, but now that I am… I’ve fallen in love with it! Nothing compares to the joy and fulfillment you receive from teaching. The way the kids stare at you with amazement… the way they smile when they finally understand something… the way their eyes light up when they try something new… NOTHING COMPARES.

Another thing I love to do (but not as much as teaching) is running. I usually run during fun runs and marathons because of the rush I get from it. It’s good to exercise every once in a while. I’m no professional runner… just a teacher on the run… wanting to have some fun! (Ok, I did not intend for that to rhyme!)

But bottom line… I just wanna have fun! …whether it be through eating… movie watching or whatever! Let me share my fun times with you!


2 Responses to About Me

  1. Sean says:

    Hello Cheryl!
    If you’re serious about blogging, why not create your own blogsite domain? It’s better for search engine visibility and blog flexibility 🙂

    Tell me if you’re interested in making one. My e-mail address is sean@seo-hacker.com I’m a friend of Apple Co

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