Ladybug Ladybug!

Besides circles, we are also currently discussing the color red! Hence… the red apples and now, the ladybug! 🙂

We started off by reading the Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle! We did however have to simplify it since we were dealing with toddlers! After telling them the story, we showed them our ladybug! I let them play with it a little and later on asked them if they wanted to make a ladybug of their own! So if you want to make one too.. here’s how!


What you will need:

  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Red construction paper
  • Black construction paper
  • Googly eyes



Step 1: Pre-cut the body, wings, antennas, legs and spots on the red and black construction paper as shown above.


Step 2: Glue on the black spots on one side of both circles

Step 3: Fold the circles and glue them on each side of the ladybug’s body

(For the toddlers, this part can be a little tricky, so be sure to help them out.)

Step 4: Add more circles on the outer fold

Step 5: Glue on the eyes, antennas and legs.

(For our toddlers, we had to help them glue on the legs)

Step 6: Let your ladybugs fly!


Red Apples

Here is a painting/pasting activity for the kids! It’s really easy to do and my 2-year old students really had fun doing it! 🙂


What you need:

  • Small paper plates
  • Red paint
  • Glue
  • Red Japanese Paper
  • Brown Construction Paper
  • Green Art Paper



Step 1: Cut the paper plates into apple shapes.

Step 2: Cut small circles using the Japanese Paper. (You may also use a different kind of paper)

Step 3: Cut the brown paper into stalks and the green paper into leaves

Step 4: Mix the paint with the glue. Make sure not to put too much glue. 1/4 glue, 3/4 paint.

Step 5: Paint the paper plate “apple”

Step 6: Stick the small circles

Step 7: Stick the stalk and leaf on top.

Step 8: Have fun hanging them on your door or posting them on your wall! 🙂

Run for a Cause this August!

There are several fun runs to look forward to this month of August! As for me, I try to make it a habit of joining at least 2 fun runs every month! I would join more but I don’t have enough money to spend too much! I’ll try to upload a list of races per month as soon as I can, for the meantime however, you can also try checking out

This August, I decided to join 2 fun runs. One of which I’ve already mentioned in the past. This would be the Miles for Smiles fun run happening this coming August 22. Registration is still open so if you’re interested, you should definitely join!

“This event is presented by Noordhoof Craniofacial Foundation (NCF) and Taipei Economic Cultural Office in the Philippines (TECO) and Smile Train to raise publice awareness that bingot or cleft and other craniofacial conditions are treatable and that free comprehensive care is available.”

Besides being able to keep a fit and healthy body, you’d also be giving a child his beautiful smile back. Is that too much to ask? C’mon people! You can’t put a price on a child’s smile.

So anyways, if you’re interested, registration is open until August 10.  There’s a 400 meter dash for 10 year old children and below, 3km, 5km, 10km and 16km. There is also a group category running at 10km or 16km. I decided to make a group and we’d all run the 10km race. I’ve never tried running that far… but… it’s for a good cause! I’ll try my best to finish it! To fellow runners out there… any tips that’ll help keep me going and not faint in the middle of the run? I seriously need them!


See my cute singlet? 🙂 I wanted to take a pic of my whole team’s singlets but it meant I’d have to open their packets

(They might not want that). sooo… just mine for the meantime.


Another run I’m joining this month is Run to Read Fun Run which is taking place on August 15, 2010. I actually decided to join this race not only because of it’s good cause but also because I wanted to run and prepare before my 10km run on the 22nd!

But anyway, the Run To Read Fun Run was designed to raise funds in order to build and restore libraries for the less fortunate communities here in the Philippines. You see, there are only a few public libraries here… from what I read, there’s less than a thousand. When in fact, given our population and number of communities, there should be at least 2000 libraries to cater our people’s needs. To some, libraries may not be as important. Some might even think we don’t really need it. But for children… this is a big and very important part of their growth. They can learn so much more from opening a book than watching the television. They can invest much more from studying what they read rather than begging on the streets. So if you want to be part of this change, what are you waiting for? Register now and join us! Categories are 3km, 5km, 10km and 15km. There will also be a 500m dash for kids and parents.


Unfortunately, the singlets are not yet available. So no pic of that yet.. just my race number.

FYI: They’re out of slots for 5km runs… so I had no choice but to register for 10km. haha SURPRISE SURPRISE!! Wish me luck! Tips people! I desperately need tips to keep me alive! haha This will be my first 10km run!


For those interested to join RUN TO READ, you may register at:

  • All Terra Cyclery: Club 650 Libis, Quezon City
  • BrandWorX, Inc: Penthouse, Eurovilla 2 Bldg., V.A. Rufino St., Legaspi Village, Makati City
  • Reebok: Festival Supermall,  SM Megamall, Trinoma
  • Royal Sporting House: Glorietta 4, Ali Mall,  Robinson’s Place Ermita
  • Runnr Store: Bldg. Br Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
  • Second Wind Running Store: Maginhawa St., Teacher’s Village QC,  Ortigas Home Depot



Oh, and to get you motivated…. Run to Read gives you the option to CHOOSE the singlet color you want!!! Isn’t that cool? I’m really excited for the race! I’m sure it’ll be so colorful at the Fort! 🙂


It always feels good to help others in any way possible. However, I know a lot of us have a busy schedule and may be unable to dedicate enough time to help them. So why not just run? You might not be able to join volunteer activities from across the country, but surely, running a few kilometers will not eat up too much of your time. You could finish it in less than 2hours. And in that short time, you have already helped create a lifetime change for someone.

Yummy Fruity Bracelet

Children.. and even adults love eating fruit loops! So why not use this to further strengthen the lesson? This specific activity is actually a lacing activity that helps develop fine motor skills. It would also be easier for older kids to do since young children’s fine motor skills are not yet fully developed. Still, the end product works for all ages. The teachers simply need to assist the young children more in doing this activity.

Since we’re still on our topic of circles… we decided to have the children make their own fruit loop bracelet!  Since my students are still in the pre-nursery level, they needed much of our assistance. Once we were done, they were all smiles and proud to show off their bracelets. At first, they were even unsure if they wanted to eat it or not. Some of them wanted to take it home and keep it! Still, it was a lot of fun watching them slowly nibble the fruit loops off their wrists!


What you will need:

  • Fruit Loops (amount varies on the number of kids)
  • Small plates
  • Nylon thread or yarn

Step 1: Cut the nylon or yarn to the size fit for the child’s wrist.

Tip: It’s always better if it’s too long rather than too short. Leave some allowance.

Step 2: Give the children a small plate and some fruit loops to get started.


Step 3: Insert the fruit loops one by one. Try a variety of colors.

Step 4: If you think there are enough fruit loops on, tie the ends of the nylon/yarn together. Make sure to tie it properly so it doesn’t break off later on.

Step 5: MUNCH Time!

NOTE: To teachers and parents: It may get a bit messy while the children are eating, but don’t worry! We can easily clean up afterward. Let them have their fun!

The Colorful and Round Caterpillar!

This week, the kiddos are learning all about the circle shape! Shapes are such a fun thing to teach because there’s just so many things we can do! Though, we do have to restrict ourselves from doing too much cause we might ran out of activities for future lessons. (hehe)

For our circle activity, we decided to have the children make caterpillars! If you’re a kindergarten teacher, I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say there are several ways in making a caterpillar! You can use thumb prints, egg carton, tissue rolls and many many more! It’s all about creativity! In our case, we used construction paper cut into circles. Before the activity, we read the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. We actually already read this story when we were studying the days of the week, so this was more on a review.

Another note to teachers, it’s okay to retell stories to kids. You can stick with the same story for one whole week, depending on the children’s interest. Young children easily forget things, so telling the story over and over again helps them remember it. Moreover, when you retell a story, you can focus on different parts each time you retell it. In our case, we first focused on the days of the week several weeks ago. Today, we focused on the caterpillar itself and what it looked like. In the future, we can use this book again and focus on food next! That’s the great thing about books, there’s so much you could learn from it that sometimes we don’t even notice! When you retell a story, you not only let the child remember the story more, you also let the child love the book more. Hence, develop his/her love for reading!

After retelling the story, it was time to make our own caterpillar! Just follow these simple steps:


  • Glue
  • Puncher
  • Scotch Tape
  • Red yarn/ Red marker
  • Googly eyes
  • Fuzzy wires
  • Construction paper of various colors (Cut into circles)

STEP 1: Lay out the circles for the child to see. Let them select the color of their choice. 5 circles per child will do.

Tip: You may let the children name the colors as they pick it out.

STEP 2: Punch two holes on the head for the caterpillar’s antenna

Step 3: Glue the tips of the circles together. (I usually start with the tail so the head comes out on top)

Step 4: Insert the fuzzy wire into the hole. Tape the wire at the back to prevent it from falling off.

Step 5: Glue the eyes in place

Step 6:Use the red yarn to make the caterpillar’s mouth. If not available, you may use a red marker instead

Step 7: (For older kids)

For older kids, the teacher may prepare legs shaped like letter L and have them glue it on. For younger kids however, the teacher may simply leave the caterpillar as is or glue on the legs herself. (It would still be too difficult for their tiny hands)

Have fun making your colorful caterpillars and displaying them around the classroom! What are other fun ways to make caterpillars? Do share!

Miles for Smiles: Running for a Difference

Just a few weeks ago, I was surfing the net looking for a run for this coming Uugust. There were two fun runs that I was eying. Unsure though which I wanted to join.

2 weeks ago during the Robinson’s Fit and Fun Buddy Run, I was handed a flier on the Miles for Smiles marathon. I started reading and slowly it gained my interest. I spotted a category for groups. I never tried running in a group, but this run made me want to try it! Running in a group cost 15,000 pesos for a 10 members running 10km! That’ll be two firsts for me! Running in a group and running 10km! (I can barely run 5km!)… though it’s a stretch, I also think it’s for a good cause. You see, running in a group automatically means sponsoring the cleft operation of one child. Running individually on the other hand means donating to one child’s operation.

Making a difference in someone’s life always feels good. So why not make a difference doing something I enjoy right? I immediately started looking for my 9 members! Posting on facebook, texting friends and even begging others! Finally after a week of searching… I found my 9 members!

They are namely:

  1. Jessica Fernandez (Toddler teacher from Little Presidents Learning Palace)
  2. Joanne Gamo (Grade 3 teacher from Xavier School)
  3. Sheena Gonzales (Teacher from Whizminds at Robinson’s Galleria)
  4. Hannah Villasis (author
  5. Gene Ong (Mother of my former student/ Dentist and owner of Dental Connection)
  6. Michelle Sunglao (Mother of a former student of Jessica)
  7. Ronaldo Sunglao (Father of a former student of Jessica)
  8. Paul Villareal (Accounting graduate, my future brother-in-law)
  9. Philippe Villareal (Computer Programmer, my future husband)
  10. Cheryl Golangco (author of this amazing blog! ehhe)

None of us are professional runners, none of us run on a daily or even weekly basis, and for some, this would be their first ever run! It doesn’t take much to make a difference… it just takes some dedication. So to my 9 co-runners, know that you are making a very big difference in one child’s life!

I’ll update you guys soon on how the run will go! For others who are also interested to join this run and make a difference, you can register from July 15 – August 15, 2010 at the following shops: (You may also click the picture above to zoom in and view the details!)

I. 2nd Level, ROX, Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City

II. Christ Sports a. SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City
b. SM Megamall, Ortigas, Pasig
c. Festival Mall, Filinvest, Alabang
d. SM North Edsa
e. Glorietta 3

The run will be on Aug. 22, 2010 at the Fort! See you there! 🙂

John and Yoko Cosmopolitan Japanese Restaurant

I first tried John and Yoko several months ago… I and Philippe were on a food trip, and since I’m such a fan of Japanese food, I decided to order several dishes.. so long as they were within my budget. 2 days ago, I visited John and Yoko for the second time! I must say, I’m still as please as I first was!

John and Yoko is a restaurant found on the 2nd floor of Greenbelt 5. If you didn’t read the name, I bet you wouldn’t even think it was a Japanese restaurant. I honestly thought it looked more like a club because of its vivid red, purple and black colors! However, as its name already informs us, it’s a Cosmopolitan Japanese restaurant. It’s unlike the typical Japanese style restaurants here in the Philippines where the place looks “quiet” and “homey”. It didn’t look like any simple restaurants filled with white lights, chairs and tables either. The light was dim and the walls were black designed with purple and red colors! Perfect for today’s generation and some of the hip older generation.

This restaurant is slowly becoming one of my favorite restaurants! haha and I actually ordered a lot, but I’ll try to tell you how they all were.

First off was the Japanese Rice.

It was good. It has mostly the same ingredients as typical fried rice, except the rice they used was a bit softer and stickier than the normal fried rice. It was mostly filled with vegetables and meat, though I don’t recall tasting anything in specific (Unlike the Filipino fried rice where you’d particularly taste the green peas and hotdogs). It was more like a whole bundle of joy in my mouth!

Next up is the Salmon Belly Teriyaki.

I’m a real fan of salmon! I absolutely love it! I do however remember how my brother first forced me to eat raw salmon when I was younger. I thought it was served accidentally because it was uncooked! I didn’t know back then about the wonderful world of sushi! So anyways, the Salmon Belly was a little sweet, because of the teriyaki sauce. My favorite part about it though was how it tasted so soft and fresh, as if I were eating the raw salmon (for those who aren’t fans of sushi, don’t worry, I swear it’s still good!).. it was so soft that it melted in my mouth! (so I exaggerate a little…hehe)

Mt. Fuji Steak

First of all, I’m not complaining, I actually enjoyed this dish a lot! But this dish tasted more like an American dish. 2 pieces of boneless steak dipped in mushroom sauce! Really good! I guess that’s part of the “cosmopolitan” style of this restaurant. Underneath all the steak and mushroom were french fries dipped in the same sauce. The fries were a bit soggy though ‘coz of the sauce, and they kinda felt weird to me. The steak and mushroom sauce though was a classic!

Beef Teppan

I could say that this is one of my favorite dishes here at John and Yoko. The beef is cut into cubes and served with bean sprout (which was also good by the way!) Though the been sprouts were vegetables, there was something about it that had an umami taste (meaty taste). So back to the beef… the beef was really tender and soft. I couldn’t quite pinpoint what ingredient was used, but there was a faint taste of dairy. The taste was not too strong to alter what real beef should taste like, but it was enough to keep me craving for more!

Dragon Roll

Eating in a Japanese restaurant would not be complete without an order of sushi! The restaurant’s menu had around 10 different kinds of sushi that I didn’t know what to order! I ended up ordering the dragon roll. The dragon roll was rice stuffed with unagi (eel) and fresh mangoes on top. This is only my second time to have tasted eel so for those who haven’t tasted eel… well it’s seafood, so it has that distinct taste, but unlike fish, it isn’t as soft. Eel is actually a little hard… in a way, some part of it’s meat is like  uncooked noodles. You’d be lucky if the meat you got was soft, though I was told that it takes too long to cook eel meat to get it to become that soft.

So anyways, that pretty much sums up my John and Yoko experience. I’ll definitely go back here to try out the other dishes on their menu! You guys should too! I swear you won’t be disappointed!