Hug by Jez Alborough

Just seeing the front cover already caught my attention! It’s  a really cute story about a baby monkey who just really wants a hug!

Who would’ve thought that a book containing only ONE word would be so much fun? Children of all ages can relate to it… from the tiny toddlers to the grown up kindergartners.The book is simply about a little monkey taking a walk around the jungle. He sees different animal cubs and their mommies all hugging. The little monkey eventually grows sad because he wants a hug too, and yet he can’t find his mommy. HUG! Don’t worry though, this book has a happy ending. The little monkey of course finds his mommy and finally gets that hug.


The story can be followed up with a lesson on the different jungle animals or the names of mommy and baby animals depending on the children’s age. If it were for my students, then maybe simply naming the animals or giving their sounds would already be a good follow up activity. Moreover, teachers can ask their students to hug their classmates or even a stuffed toy in the room.

“Can I have a hug too?”